[Baofang Spring Travel Notes-Xiamen Chapter] Taking advantage of the warm spring flowers, meet in poetry and distant places

The second destination of Baofang Spring Outing Season is the beautiful coastal city-Xiamen. The team was led by Sheng Yongkang, deputy general manager in charge of finished product finishing, and Pan Xinliang, deputy general manager in charge of mechanical and electrical equipment, and the two financial directors were in the same group. There were nearly two hundred people in the group. On the morning of the 24th, we departed from North Shaoxing and took a six-hour train ride to reach the charming "sea garden"-Xiamen.

Day1 Jimei School Village: Chen Kah Kee’s Former Residence-Ao Garden


Tan Kah Kee, a well-known patriot, industrialist, and educator, Mao Zedong called him "the flag of overseas Chinese and the glory of the nation." To foster education and talents for the country and the nation, Tan Kah Kee invested in the establishment of Jimei School Village, Xiamen University, and Singapore Overseas Chinese School. Facing the world economic crisis, overseas Chinese enterprises are struggling. Tan Kah Kee said: "If you can sell the building, you must also support Xiamen University." He alone supported Xiamen University for 16 years. Under his advocacy, overseas Chinese have donated money to start schools, which has become a common practice and has a profound impact.


The former residence of Tan Kah Kee, located at the rear corner of Jimei Town, is where Mr. Tan Kah Kee lived. It was built in the 7th year of the Republic of China (1918) and destroyed by Japanese imperialism in the 27th year (1938) of the Republic of China. It was restored in 1955 and rebuilt in 1980. Tan Kah Kee built dozens of majestic high-rise buildings for Jimei and Xiamen University, but his own residence is an old and simple two-story small building. The generosity and selflessness of patriotism and education, and the hardship and simplicity of personal life are rare in the world. The three-story building on the west side of the former residence is the exhibition hall of Tan Kah Kee’s life and deeds built in 1983. A large number of physical pictures and documentary materials vividly show Tan Kah Kee’s "business in Southeast Asia, deep love for the country", "investment and education, perseverance", "sincere patriotism, The glorious life of "Dedicated to the End".


The Guilai Hall, located in the south of Tan Kah Kee’s former residence, is built with white stone walls and green tiles on the roof. It is a representative building with characteristics of southern Fujian. Call overseas relatives not to forget their hometown, love the motherland, and let them return to have a place to live, which is of far-reaching significance and permanent memory.


Aoyuan, located in the southeast corner of Jimei, was originally a small island resembling a turtle, so it was called "Aoyuan". It took Mr. Jiageng 10 years to design and supervise the construction. The design of the porch is exquisite and free and easy, and the two-compartment wall is engraved with a series of sculptures. In the center of the park stands the "Jimei Liberation Monument" with Chairman Mao Zedong’s inscription on the front and the inscription written by Mr. Tan Kah Kee on the back. The short walls, railings, pavilion pillars and other places in the Aoyuan are engraved with couplets of poems by state leaders and world celebrities praising Mr. Tan Kah Kee's spiritual morality. They gather the essence of southern Fujian stone carvings and are known as the "Stone Sculpture Museum" in southern Fujian.

Day2 Chaotian Palace-COFCO Tea Base-Gulangyu


Southern Fujian Chaotian Temple is located in an ancient town in Southern Fujian. Taiwan’s Beigang Chaotian Temple participates in the planning and guidance. It is the most complete Mazu Temple built by both sides of the strait. Devoted to promote the Mazu culture, so that the common people all over the world share the sacred virtues, and the universal believers share the grand ambition of God's grace. Promoting cross-strait folk-to-people exchanges in palaces and temples, believers on both sides of the strait to jointly maintain cultural bonds, and jointly build a Mazu cultural economic and trade zone, is an important platform for cross-strait non-governmental exchanges.


The children of Baofang worship Mazu, pray for the safety of their families, and pray for the prosperity of Baofang


After paying respect to Mazu, the group members came to the COFCO tea base to appreciate the fragrance of tea and enjoy the "gluttonous feast" of southern Fujian tea culture.


Take a group photo at the ferry terminal and head to the most awaited Gulangyu.


Gulangyu Island, formerly known as "Round Sand Island", is because of a two-meter-high reef with a cave in the island. Whenever the high tide surges, the waves hit the reef and the sound is like a drum. People call it "Gulangshi". name. Because of its graceful natural scenery and deep cultural heritage, it has become a world cultural heritage.


Day3 Nanputuo Temple-Xiamen Universit

Nanputuo Temple is a famous ancient temple in Xiamen. It is located in front of Wulao Peak, a famous mountain on Ludao, backed by the beautiful peaks, facing Bicheng Seaport, and adjacent to Xiamen University. The scenery is excellent.


It was built in the late Tang Dynasty and was called Sizhou Temple. It was renamed Puzhao Temple during the Zhiping period of Song Dynasty and rebuilt during the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty. Because it enshrines the Guanyin Bodhisattva, it is similar to the Guanyin Taoist Temple in Mount Putuo, Zhejiang. It is also named "South Putuo Temple" south of Mount Putuo. It is one of the Buddhist attractions in southern Fujian. Nanpusui Temple mainly has the Tianwang Hall, Daxiong Hall, Great Compassion Hall, Tibetan Scripture Pavilion and other buildings. The entire temple is exquisitely built, magnificent and orderly.


Humane rewards. Last year, a thousand people from Baofang went to Putuo and offered ten thousand incenses. This year, two hundred people went to South Putuo to respect a thousand incense. This reflects the sincere original intention of Baofang's honest management and Fuze employees' corporate responsibility to feed back the society.


Xiamen University, founded by the famous patriotic overseas Chinese leader Mr. Tan Kah Kee in 1921, is China's first university to build an independent campus overseas, and is known as the "Power of the South". Xiamen University is known as "the most beautiful university in China". The campus is surrounded by mountains and lakes, facing the sea, backed by Wanshi Botanical Garden, Nanputuo Temple on one side and Baicheng Beach on the other side, facing the world cultural heritage Gulangyu Island across the sea, including The early buildings of the school, including the Qunxian Buildings, Jiannan Buildings, Furong Buildings, and the Anthropology Museum of Xiamen University, are national key cultural relics protection units and the first batch of Chinese 20th century architectural heritage.


Happy group photo with smiles


When the spring blossoms, we ushered in the Baofang Welfare Tour, which fully embodies the care of the chairman and general manager, and also proves the strength and strength of Baofang. The industry development situation is severe this year, and Baofang is facing new difficulties and pressures. We must realize that there has never been a savior. To create peace and happiness, everything depends on ourselves. Only when the country is strong and prosperous can the people enjoy a peaceful and prosperous age, and only when Baofang is strong and prosperous can we live and work in peace, increase income and enjoy happiness. Baofang is our home, and we are the masters of Baofang. Loving the factory and loving the home is not just a slogan. We have the responsibility and obligation to do our own job: morality and behavior first, the outside and the inside are the same, the factory is the home, and the work is dedicated Study hard, be attentive, use your brains, keep innovating, compare goals, and exceed your goals. We must use our heart and affection and actual achievements to repay the chairman and Baofang’s kindness of knowledge and experience.

——Dong Xiaogan

Visiting the COFCO tea base, listening to the development history of COFCO, think of Baofang also having the same development experience. COFCO pioneered the modern Silk Road in Xiamen, and Baofang has also extended the "Silk Road" to West Africa and East Africa by taking advantage of the east wind of the Belt and Road Initiative, and also set its sights on the broader European and American markets. It is the chairman's far-sighted and ambitious goal, and his spare no effort to invest in Baofang Homeland, that makes all Baofang people have the courage and unity to overcome one difficulty after another. Only the children of Baofang can enjoy the corporate development dividend and unique happiness.

——Chen Zhongdong

Visiting the former residence of Tan Kah Kee to understand Mr. Chen Lao’s great patriotism and selfless dedication, we can’t help but think of the great love and love that the chairman of Baofang has led more than 1,000 people in Baofang for more than ten years. Great good. I am extremely grateful to the chairman for his care and love, and let us, the mountain girls, see the sea of dreams, blow the sea breeze, and eat the seafood! We went to Nanputuo Temple with a grateful heart, lit incense candles to pray for the health of the chairman, bless the prosperity of Baofang's business, and bless the brothers and sisters to be safe.

——Lei Jianming

The trip to Xiamen was successfully concluded. The brotherhood, collaboration and cohesion of the Baofang team have been greatly improved. This kind of concerted effort and united forge ahead will release greater energy in future work. Under the leadership of the chairman, let us work hard around the goals of high quality, high yield, low energy consumption, and cleanliness, so that Baofang's brand, quality and output can be upgraded to a higher level. We believe that Baofang will create more miracles tomorrow.

——Zhang Jianwei

During this tour, everyone was civilized and had a strong sense of time. Everyone was punctual and not left behind, which fully demonstrated the team spirit. This kind of spirit is cultivated in our daily work, and it is precisely because the company has a good system and advanced ideology of leadership that it has created an excellent team in Baofang. During this tour, there were endless laughter and joy. Everyone played hard and had a good time. The food was rich and distinctive, and the stay was clean and comfortable. All of these benefited from the company's careful arrangement. Compared with our peers, our welfare treatment has always been in the forefront of the industry, and our brand, quality, and output must also keep up with the company's welfare. The kick-off meeting pointed out the direction for us. The future work must focus on the company's development policy, clarify the goals, believe in the strength of down-to-earth, believe that the strength of unity and forge ahead, Baofang will have a better tomorrow!

——Chen Tao

At the former residence of Tan Kah Kee, Jimei School Village, and Xiamen University, we felt the strong patriotism and profound cultural heritage; at the Chaotian Temple in southern Fujian, we experienced the local characteristic Mazu culture; at the long-awaited Gulangyu, we watched The various styles of buildings in the “Architectural Garden” experience the musical atmosphere of the “Piano City”, walk through the lush and towering trees, colorful flowers, and stand on the beach with the sea breeze blowing, and I really feel the spring flowers facing the sea. A good mood to open.

——Zhu Lihong

I visited the beautiful scenery of Xiamen, the coastal city, and the local culture of southern Fujian. I watched the villagers in Baofang with their eyes open and smiled. They are all indulged in this city that has witnessed the historical and cultural changes. I am deeply honored and proud. Special thanks to our good village chief for care With every villager, caring for the big family, every villager has the opportunity to walk around and take a look. This is the only factory in Binhai Industrial Zone that allows every employee to travel year after year. In Nanputuo Temple, we collectively pray for the village chief, bless his health and everything goes well; bless the brothers and sisters of Baofang to be safe, and work smoothly; and bless our Baofang village is prosperous and prosperous! Brothers and sisters, work hard for the cause of Baofang Village!

——Zhao Yong

After enjoying the tourism benefits, in the future, we will work in a more energetic state and a serious and responsible attitude, centering on the chairman's "clean and saving", and lead everyone to do the repair, maintenance and cleaning of the equipment to make the equipment operation more stable and efficient. Lower consumption, produce high-quality and efficient products, and live up to the expectations of the chairman.

——Li Xiaoming