[Baofang Spring Travel Notes-Fenghua Chapter] Taking advantage of the warm spring flowers, meet in poetry and distant places

The third destination of the Baofang Spring Outing Season is the beautiful Ningbo Fenghua, led by Chen Laidi, deputy general manager in charge of procurement and director of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office, and Ying Baoxiang, director of the Enterprise Management Department. There are more than 100 people in the group, most of whom are vigorous and cheerful New employees.

Day1   Fenghua-A journey through Xuedou Mountain


Xuedou Mountain, located in the northwest of Xikou Town, Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, is a national-level scenic spot, a national forest park, and a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction. "The reputation.


Xuedou Mountain is one of the five famous Buddhist mountains in China (Xuedou Mountain in Zhejiang, Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang, Mount Emei in Sichuan, and Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui). The picture shows the world's tallest bronze seated Maitreya Buddha statue.


Xuedou Mountain Scenic Spot is famous for its beautiful natural scenery. The picture shows the iconic scenic spot Sanyintan.

"In the spring of nature, the Sanyintan along the way has become the finishing touch, already turning the green mountains and green water into a living picture. On the moss by the stream, crystal drops of water seep from time to time, dripping into the stream. , Swim happily to the middle of the lake. The bamboo forests beside the lake are lush and lush, from time to time there is a sweet bird song, accompanied by the sound of running water, playing a clever and fresh natural sound that can be heard."

——Zheng Zhuangzhuang


Along Sanyintan-Qianzhangyan-Miaogaotai-Xuedou Temple, take the [Xuedou Mountain Crossing Tour], after visiting Sanyintan, take a sightseeing train to Qianzhangyan to see Qianzhang Waterfall, and then take the sightseeing cable car Overlooking the waterfall from the air to the Miaogao Terrace, visiting the Presidential Villa, and finally to the Maitreya Buddha Taoist Temple-Xuedou Temple Daci Buddha Kingdom to worship the future Buddha.


The fresh and youthful faces bloomed like spring breeze in the beautiful mountains and rivers.

"Embracing nature in the spring of March, green hills and green waters to join nature, is a joyful thing to make people feel comfortable. The mountains and mountains, the gurgling streams, the waterfalls of thousands of feet, the whispers of birds and the fragrance of bamboo, the happy train of happiness and harmony in the mountains, People are relaxed and comfortable, and people are nostalgic for going back and forth."

  —— Liu Fanglin


The sumptuous dinner relieved the tiredness of walking. After the meal, President Chen organized a special symposium. Minister Ying introduced the development history of Baofang along the way, and explained in detail the company’s various rules and regulations and employee rewards and benefits mechanism, so that each employee can deepen their understanding of Baofang and have a better understanding of the chairman and general manager. Cognition, recognition of corporate culture. The picture shows everyone standing up. Fang Sheng took the lead in reading the production mobilization proposal "Strictly control the provinces and share the benefits of development" initiated by the chairman to all employees to make everyone aware of the current increase in raw material prices, reduced tax rebates, depreciation of the dollar, and declining profit margins Under the circumstances, Baofang understands the pressures and challenges that Baofang is facing, and he understands the chairman's repeated emphasis on "excellent province", and his hard work for the development of the company and the happiness of employees. The new employees were deeply moved, and in the subsequent on-site interactions, one after another took to the stage to express their opinions or show their talents, demonstrating the confidence and determination of the new forces.

Day2  Former Residence of Jiang Family——The No.1 Taoyuan in the World——Nantang Old Street


Jiang's former residence, the former residence of Jiang Zhongzheng and his descendants, is located in Xikou, Fenghua District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It is the second batch of Chinese 20th century architectural heritage.


Jiang’s former residence is a group of buildings, including Fenghao House, Wenchang Pavilion, Small House, and Yutai Salt Shop. The architectural layout is a traditional front hall and rear hall, with two compartments and four halls. The buildings are connected with each other, the corridors are looped, and the ink pillars and ochre walls are magnificent. There are also three gardens in the front hall and left and right. The corridors of the hall are full of engraved paintings. The Baoben Church has a book written by Chiang Kai-shek's "Retribution to the deity is an important moral principle", the couplet "The filial son and the grandson are expected by the former and the empire", and the plaques of "Appropriate and handsome", which coincide with the construction of family tradition advocated by Baofang.


Fenghua District of Ningbo is rich in peaches. Every spring, Fenghua District becomes a sea of peach blossoms. Linjiacun Taoyuan was rated as the Zhejiang Peach Science and Technology Demonstration Base, and also known as the "First Peach Garden in the World".

The face of the peach blossoms are red, and the peach blossoms still smile in the spring breeze


Ningbo Nantang Old Street is located outside the south gate of the ancient city of Ningbo, one of the eight historical districts in Ningbo. Nantang Old Street adheres to the foundation of Ningbo culture, with the theme of "the window of Ningbo traditional culture, the characteristics of Nantang River and the southern water town, and the area of Yuan’s culture", through the complete preservation of more than 500 meters of Jiangnan traditional streets and lanes, and design and construction Zhongcheng successfully integrates the historical charm, architectural features and celebrity culture of the old street into the block layout to achieve "integration of history into life and integration of commerce into historic sites".


Listen to what they say

In the first day, we were immersed in nature, trickling, majestic waterfalls, they achieved each other, depended on each other, and made me think a lot. Isn't this a symbol of the spirit of Baofang? This is the charm of nature, which brings us refreshing and thinking, and I understand more deeply the original intention of organizing employee welfare tours in the factory to make our new employees of Baofang more united, collaborative and common Create a beautiful and united Baofang.

After dinner on the first day, Mr. Chen and Mr. Ying collected materials on the spot and organized a unique symposium on the spot. Mr. Ying gave a detailed introduction to our Baofang’s history and future plans, and explained that although Baofang has strict requirements, it is very Humanized rules and regulations, employee benefits. Most of our group are newcomers to Baofang. The simple and interesting seminars quickly let them understand the development process of Baofang, and also let them integrate into the big family of Baofang. I am also fortunate to have a simple I made a self-introduction and talked about my feelings in Baofang, letting new employees know that as long as they work hard, Baofang will provide them with a platform for development.

On the second day, we visited the former residence of the Jiang family and learned about the ups and downs of the Jiang family and his life. In the communication with President Chen, I believe that only the same goal, unity, and method can be truly successful. We Baofang people need to be more united, have the same goals, work hard to repay the chairman's care, and win our own success by hard work.

——Zhou Zhihuai

The travel itinerary arranged by the chairman of the tourism board and Mr. Yu for our group of new employees is a kind of hopeful exhortation and expectation to the newcomers. The five scenic spots respectively represent the requirements and instructions of the chairman and the leaders of the company; Xuedou Mountain Waterfall warns us to use the majestic momentum of the waterfall when we work, and move forward bravely. Xuedou Temple warned us through Maitreya Buddha that we must help each other and advance and retreat together. Jiang's hometown warned himself that we must be prepared for danger in times of peace. Only when everyone is united, working together, and closely surrounding the chairman and general manager Yu, can we overcome many difficulties to build a beautiful Baofang and go global. The beautiful peach blossom forest is like the peach blossom source of Baofang. In the future, the “garden-like workshop and park-like factory” of Baofang will be more vivid and splendid than the peach blossom forest. Nantang Shopping has also explained to us a last word, as long as you follow the village chief Yu and make Baofang Village bigger and stronger, as a villager, you will have a better tomorrow!

—— Zheng Desong

We visited and learned about the life of Chairman Chiang, a celebrity in modern history, and concluded that a team without unity and unity will eventually fail. If we abandon Mr. Sun’s "Three Principles of the People", failure is inevitable.

We paid homage to the portrait of Mr. Sun Yat-sen, and Mr. Sun’s two words are impressive: "The revolution has not yet succeeded, and comrades still need to work hard." The current situation in the industry is difficult, and the pressure we face at Baofang is also unprecedented. All Baofang people should have the same dream and firmly believe that there has never been a savior, and happiness is actually achieved. With a heart of gratitude, The practical work of "clean, clean, excellent, and economical" will return the company's care and care and seek healthier and more competitive development. Only when the company develops and grows, we can enjoy more benefits ahead of the industry. The golden name card of "Happy Baofang People" coincides with Mr. Sun's "People's Livelihood", which embodies advanced leadership and corporate culture.

I believe that every one of our employees, under the care of the company and the unity of all employees, there is no difficulty that can stump us, we can definitely help each other, let the company go further on the glorious road, and our corporate culture will be more Bright and colorful.

——Fang Sheng