[Baofang Spring Travels-Hengdian Chapter] Taking advantage of the warm spring flowers, meet in poetry and distant places

The fourth group of the Baofang Spring Outing Season’s destination is Hengdian Film and Television City, known as "China's Hollywood". The group is led by Tang Weiliang, deputy general manager in charge of cleanliness, and Shi Zhonghua, deputy general manager in charge of foreign trade. There are more than 400 people in the group. , Neatly, start a two-day tour of [Hengdian Film and Television City, Night Tour Dream Valley].

Day1 The Palace of the Qin Palace-The Riverside Picture on Qingming Festival-Dream Valley

Hengdian Film and Television City, a large-scale comprehensive tourist area integrating film, tourism, vacation, leisure and sightseeing, has been rated as a national AAAAA-level tourist attraction for its heavy cultural heritage and unique historical scenes. Hengdian Film and Television City has become the world's largest film and television shooting base, China's only "national film and television industry experimental zone", known as "China's Hollywood"


The Qin Palace Scenic Area was built in 1997 for Chen Kaige’s filming of the historical blockbuster "Jing Ke Assassinated the King of Qin". It is also the birthplace of blockbuster films such as "Hero", "Kung Fu King" and "Promise". The imitation prototype is the main palace of the Qin Dynasty—— Xianyang Palace.

The Qin Palace Scenic Area is huge in scale, complex in shape, and rigorous in layout. There are various palaces with five steps on one floor and ten steps on one pavilion. "The hive water vortex, I don't know its tens of millions of falling. The long bridge lies in the waves, the repeated roads are empty, the heights are fascinating, and the west and east are unknown." The "Han Street" showing the streets of the Qin and Han Dynasties, Huangchen Ancient Road, Jin Ge The iron horse and Yanzhao architecture truly reproduce the rich cultural and historical features of the Qin and Han Dynasties.

The main palace "Four Seas Returned to One Hall" stands majestic, towering and upright, vividly showing the majestic and majestic momentum of Emperor Qin Shihuang's annexation of the six countries and dominating the world.

The Qingming Shanghe Tu Scenic Area is based on the masterpiece "The Qing Ming Shanghe Tu" by the famous Northern Song painter Zhang Zeduan. It takes its charm and combines the social background, folk customs, folk customs and ancient architecture characteristics of the Song Dynasty in the Northern Song Dynasty. . The painting boats are beautiful and exquisite, the archways are towering, and the flowers are in full bloom. It is not only the reproduction of the long scroll, but also the epitome of Kyoto in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Dream Valley Scenic Area includes four major areas: Dream Culture Village, Hengdian Old Street, Jiangnan Water Town, and Water World. It is a display of various natural phenomena and natural features such as volcanic eruptions, rainstorms and torrents, and is equipped with various amusement facilities and performing arts activities. A large-scale night movie experience theme park with other content. With the theme of "catastrophic shock" experience and "horizontal gaming" participation in games, Dream Valley Scenic Area, relying on film and television and high-tech performance techniques, is a major symbol of Hengdian Film and Television City's complete bid farewell to static viewing tourism.

In the Dream Culture Village, the giant windmill "turns and turns 360 degrees" at an altitude of nearly 20 meters, and there are also entertainment facilities such as "rock and roll seat", "happy leapfrog", "the castle" and other entertainment facilities.

The country’s first catastrophic real-life interpretation of the shocking manifestation of the show "Storm Rain and Mountain Torrent", lightning flashes and thunder, torrential rain, and torrential floods, two hundred tons of floods hit instantly, and experience the shock and excitement from zero distance.

Day2  Guangzhou Street, Hong Kong Street

Guangzhou Street Scenic Area was built in 1996 to cooperate with director Xie Jin’s filming of the historical blockbuster "The Opium War". It is the birthplace of Hengdian Film and Television City.

Hong Kong Street was expanded in 1998, with ancient roads criss-crossed and the Pearl River passing through the city, restoring the 19th century Guangzhou and Hong Kong market style.

Guangzhou and Hong Kong are close to each other in Hengdian. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Guangzhou Street, there is an artistically reconstructed "Nineteenth Century Southern Guangdong Guangzhou City Streetscape"; artificial lakes representing the "Pearl River" and "Guangzhou Inner River"; recreating the "Thirteen Yi Pavilion" and "Tianzi Wharf" back then "Wait for the landscape.

Listen to what they say

Thousands of willows in the spring breeze, happily enter Baofang,

I met a village chief Yu, who was very motivated to develop Baofang.

All employees come to make a fortune, working hard day and night,

Tea and rice do not think of sleepless nights, all for the villagers of Baofang,

Thanks to the village chief’s care and painstaking efforts,

It’s hard to say a thousand words that you are the most sincere in working hard.

Not forgetting the factory training, not forgetting the original, and striving to save is even more beautiful,

Keep up with safety guarantees and offer them by making quality products.

Beautiful, prosperous and strong, Yibao Textile, hit every market in Africa,

Today the village chief gives welfare, but the welfare is still in his own hands.

Happiness is not falling from the sky, but working hard is the right way.

For the family, for the children, for ourselves, strive to be a family of Baofang,

The village head dedicated to a platform, the key is to use his talents,

I am grateful to Mr. Yu, for the concerted efforts of the whole people,

Efforts to improve character and practice, product quality in mind,

Keep energy saving and consumption reduction in mind, work hard in the future,

Return to the head of Baofangyu Village, today the whole people go to play,

Happy and happy every day, I sincerely thank Mr. Yu,

The work should be strengthened in the future, and quality improvement is the guarantee.

Ensure that the production capacity goes up and work together on the battlefield,

Life will be better in the future, happiness lies in struggle,

May Baofang be more beautiful and Baofang company will be more prosperous and stronger.

——Yan Jianzhong

Know the name of Dongyang Hengdian for a long time, and come here in March of Yangchun;

The imperial palace of Qin and Qing Dynasties is grand, civilized and polite Baofang people!

China Film and Television Ju Hengdian, Africa Wax Cloth Huibao Textile;

Innovate, create excellence and ensure quality, build a brand wholeheartedly!

Pinlibaofang keeps in mind, quality and practice in the world;

   We guarantee welfare tours every year, and thank the "village chief"!

For a better tomorrow, roll up your sleeves and work hard!

Work together with one heart and one mind, beauty and prosperity will be realized!

——Shi Zhonghua

Our first stop is the Palace of the Qin Palace. The Return of the Four Seas symbolizes the great achievements and historical testimony of the King of Qin in dominating the four seas. I think that Baofang and every Baofang person need to have the ambition of the King of Qin to unify the world in the market. The determination to move forward bravely in the competition.

The picture of Shanghe River on Qingming Festival shows the prosperity and prosperity of the Northern Song Dynasty. Bianliang Yimeng's vivid performance made me seem to see Baofang's more and more brilliant future in the field of printing and dyeing industry.

The harvest of tourism is not just photos, souvenirs, but also the affirmation of the company’s management and corporate culture by all Baofang people, the affirmation of the chairman, general manager and leaders, and the recognition of Baofang Village. A more proactive investment and yearning for our better life in the future.

In the future, every one of us at Baofang will focus more on their own work, and realize the original intention of "quality-oriented Baofang, quality in the world" with tangible "cleanliness and economy", and let us create a better tomorrow for Baofang. Work hard!

                                                                                       ——Yang Xiangwu