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As a leading enterprise in China's printing and dyeing industry and the vice-chairman unit of the China Printing and Dyeing Association, Baofang Printing and Dyeing has always been among the best since its establishment. Staff advantage, has been rated as Top 500 Competitive Textile and Apparel Enterprises, Top 10 Competitive Enterprises in Printing and Dyeing Industry, Top Ten Enterprises in China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association and other national industry honors by the Textile Industry Federation. Because of his full devotion to the textile industry and 20 years of focusing on innovation and development, Chairman and legal person Yu Baomu was awarded the "2018 China Textile Industry Innovative Person of the Year", which is widely recognized and recognized by the entire industry.

As a national high-tech enterprise, Baofang insists on innovation and development. It invests 3-5% of its sales in research and development expenses every year. It is committed to product technological transformation research and development, independent brand building, independent intellectual property rights of invention patents, utility model patents, and new industrial products. At the forefront of the industry. Equipment investment and production line transformation and upgrading are the basis for product research and development. In the past three years, Baofang has invested more than 100 million yuan in equipment and other fixed assets. Among them, the independent design and development of double-width double-layer washing equipment and automatic labeling and inspection equipment. The project was successfully established with the top three achievements in scientific and technological research due to the effect of saving water, saving steam, saving electricity, reducing staff and reducing emissions by more than 50%. Based on years of accumulated market experience and customer experience, combined with local climate characteristics and ethnic customs in Africa, Baofang insists on the continuous iteration of product development and pattern design, and has gradually eliminated production lines that use rosin as raw materials, high energy consumption, and high pollution. Test and compare the print-through effect of various fabrics, continue to optimize the formulation of dyes and additives, and finally develop new alternatives with fresher colors, better feel, stronger air permeability and higher cost performance. In order to protect its own intellectual property rights and intellectual property rights such as customer patterns and trademarks, Baofang has established a design team of nearly 100 people in recent years to lead the design of trendy patterns in African tribal styles, which have been recognized and loved by more African people. Occupation rate, penetration rate and economic benefits have increased unprecedentedly.