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Baofang Printing and Dyeing adheres to the "people-oriented" corporate culture. In Baofang, employees are the primary productive force and the most valuable asset of the company. We attach great importance to the "people's livelihood project" of employees:

Efforts will be made to build garden-like workshops and park-like factories, and build a community-style dormitory-Baofang Home, which integrates kindergarten, library, playground, basketball court, and entertainment center, to improve the production and living environment of employees and increase their satisfaction And a sense of happiness; organize all employees to participate in 1-2 times a year tourism activities and various forms of team building activities to enrich the spare and family life of employees, so that employees can enjoy corporate development dividends; set up performance assessment full of humanistic care, except for output There are also model worker awards, cost awards, quality awards, and special contribution awards, encouraging employees to use their brains and brainstorming, and their salary is much higher than the average level of their peers; during the epidemic, Hubei employees will be paid basic wages to ensure basic living. The solemn promise of "not giving up an employee" makes employees truly feel the "warmth of home and love".

"Happiness is the result of a down-to-earth work." Baofang insists on the unity of social responsibility and economic benefits. Non-local employees love the factory as home, party members and cadres are responsible, the board of directors and labor unions put themselves in place to ensure logistics, and all employees gather together and help each other to become a treasure. The maximum competitiveness of high-quality and sustainable development of spinning, printing and dyeing.